Our History

Flexico is a family owned and operated business that has been dedicated to the manufacture of elastics since 1986. We purchased CYTESA in 2017, which enabled us to expand our product offerings to include the manufacture of webbings 

Flexico en el tiempo


Flexico  comenzó a producir cintas y elásticos en tejido plano y crochet para ropa interior de dama y caballero.

Inicia exportaciones

Inicia exportaciones a USA, Canadá, y Centroamérica.


Consolida sus operaciones Nacionales y de Exportación en una sola ubicación dentro del Parque Industrial Jilotepec, Estado de México.

Crecimiento constante

Flexico continúa su crecimiento con la adquisición de CYTESA, ampliando las instalaciones de la planta para la fabricación de todo tipo de cintas rígidas.

Hasta la fecha nuestra organización ha basado su éxito en el valor de su gente

Social Responsability

As a company concerned about the environment and the community, we have various programs, among others:
  • Implementation of productive equipment with low energy consumption and devices that save electricity.
  • Lining of all steam and condensate return pipes to save thermal energy.
  • Changes to lamps and spotlights in the plant with LED technology and sensors in offices to reduce lighting costs.
  • Saving resources by not working with high consumption equipment at peak hours and by having a plant start-up system.
  • Use of cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuels, such as natural gas, and in addition to complying with the applicable regulations.
  • Waste reduction
  • Training courses were implemented at the operational level and statistical indicators to reduce waste in all production processes.
  • It complies with all Mexican regulations, in addition to the fact that the treated water is reused thus avoiding the consumption of drinking water.
  • It has equipment to filter and store rainwater, which also allows saving on drinking water consumption.
  • We use products certified in the OEKO-TEX® standard that are friendly to the environment and that are not harmful to health.

Incentives to our Employees

Flexico knows the commitment it has with its collaborators and families, that is why it has the following support plans:
  • For the children of workers who study the basic, upper secondary level and achieve good academic performance obtaining excellent grades.
  • Supporting the children of workers who want to finish a degree.

Support to the community

Flexico is part of business associations in the area; where we collaborate on projects with the municipal government; such as cleaning streams, painting streets, replacing lights, surveillance in the area, among others. It also participates in the plans of local universities by participating in conferences and seminars. Students are received to carry out their internships, stays and can be integrated into the workforce.

  • FLEXICO participates in community donation support programs, through the Jilotepec Youth Institute, the DIF URI centers, as well as neighboring communities and schools such as CONALEP and UTTT.
  • Every year we celebrate Children’s Day at the plant, so that the little ones know where their parents work, see them operating, raffles are held for gifts, games and food is shared in a family atmosphere.
  • Annually we celebrate Dec 12 with a mass and breakfast for all employees and their families promoting family coexistence.
  • Donations (Pandemic) supports, 2 pantries were donated for each employee so that in turn each one could donate it.


Our Facilities